Frequently Asked Questions

What is uniQue?

What are the benefits of uniQue products? 

What are some examples uniQue products?

Q:What is uniQue? 

A:UniQue is a Q2 is term for a category of products that are unique to Q2.


Q:What are the benefits of uniQue products? 

A:Unique products offer a solution to a known product issue and/or provide cost savings


Q:What are some examples uniQue products?

A:A few examples of uniQue products are:  

 Konica Minolta: Q2's corona wire rebuild kits for the BizhubPress C 1060 series and C 1085 series machines allow you to rebuild 4 corona wire assemblies for a fraction of the cost of buying the whole assembly.

 Ricoh/Lanier/Savin: Q2's drum rebuild kits for the Ricoh, Lanier and Savin MP C 3000/4000 series machines addresses well know problems with the original lube bars and cost far less than the drum unit.
 - dependable, reliable & affordable